When businesses understand the benefits of single payer and speak out, there will be no stopping the movement for universal health care.
— Wendel Potter, former insurance company executive; President and CEO, To Be Fair, Inc.

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’ Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers

Warren Buffett on Why We Need Single Payer

Buffett is recommending America scrap its health-care system in favor of a British-style single-payer, state-run plan. The Berkshire Hathaway CEO said America "can afford" to provide all Americans with government health care. A single-payer program is "probably is the best system," Buffett said Monday in an interview on PBS's NewsHour.

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The Business Alliance for a Healthy California works throughout the state of California to mobilize the business sector to support a Medicare-for-all type health system.  We believe businesses and business leaders need to be educated about the business benefits of such a system and engage in a variety of educational and organizing programs, and advocate for policies and legislation that would help achieve our vision and mission.