When businesses understand the benefits of single payer and speak out, there will be no stopping the movement for universal health care.
— Wendel Potter, former insurance company executive; President and CEO, To Be Fair, Inc.

Dr. Paul Song’s Keynote on Single Payer at NUHW Leadership Conference

Warren Buffett on Why We Need Single Payer

Buffett is recommending America scrap its health-care system in favor of a British-style single-payer, state-run plan. The Berkshire Hathaway CEO said America "can afford" to provide all Americans with government health care. A single-payer program is "probably is the best system," Buffett said Monday in an interview on PBS's NewsHour.

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The Business Alliance for a Healthy California works throughout the state of California to mobilize the business sector to support a Medicare-for-all type health system.  We believe businesses and business leaders need to be educated about the business benefits of such a system and engage in a variety of educational and organizing programs, and advocate for policies and legislation that would help achieve our vision and mission.