All Californians will have affordable, high-quality, cost-effective health care.



Educate and organize the business community to support universal health care.

Who We Are

The Business Alliance for a Healthy California is a network of California business leaders who support a Medicare-for-All type health system.  We are fiscally sponsored by the American Sustainable Leadership Council, affiliated with Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare, and are a member of the Healthy California Coalition leading the fight for SB562, the Healthy California Act.

What We Believe

  • Health care is a human right

  • A simpler, publicly funded system would deliver real reform: better care at lower costs for our companies and the people we employ and serve. As business leaders, we believe in the following cost-effective principles:

  • Transparency: Everything about the system -- all data, cost, and political influence -- must be subject to public scrutiny and open to rigorous economic and scientific analysis.

  • Evidence-based: All decisions must be evidence-based and data-driven.

  • Value: Services and drugs must be priced as a function of measurable value.

  • Lean Production: All processes involved in the financing and delivery of care must use “lean” production techniques; no wasteful, costly middlemen; a focus on high-quality, start-to-finish, continuous -improvement guideposts; and a drive to reduce costs, including in the supply chain of component parts.

  • Competitive: To the fullest extent possible, the system must foster true competition in the market for medical goods and services. Where monopolies exist through patents, effective regulation must be established to empower purchasers to achieve reasonable costs.