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Campaign for a Healthy California

Campaign for a Healthy California is a campaign of community and labor organizations (representing over 4 million Californians) committed to building a grassroots movement to replace private health insurance with guaranteed healthcare for all Californians. We are building a movement of nurses, teachers, patients, doctors, union members, business leaders, faith and immigrant rights community, healthcare advocates and providers to ensure that healthcare is a human right in California.  An “Improved Medicare for All” system will help solve California’s fiscal problems by controlling rising healthcare costs. Additionally, it would solve our healthcare crisis by providing comprehensive health benefits and ensuring choice of healthcare providers.


AllCare Alliance

AllCare Alliance is a coalition of organizations working to guarantee that everyone has access to high-quality, affordable, comprehensive health care.

An estimated 3 million Californians lack health insurance even after full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and many more will struggle to pay for care.

It’s time to build on the Affordable Care Act to establish a publicly-financed California program modeled on “Medicare for All”, that serves us all for life.


Labor United for Universal Healthcare

Labor United for Universal Healthcare is a coalition of nearly forty California unions, worker centers, and allied groups committed to building a healthcare system that is sustainable, secure, and just. The spiraling costs of health insurance is an unconscionable burden on Americans, both union and non-union. As organizers, we know that we’re always stronger together.

We are entertainment industry workers and city and county employees protecting our healthcare benefits. We are nurses and caregivers in solidarity with our patients. We are hotel workers and grocery clerks supporting our families. We are retirees who want a better life for our children and grandchildren. We are teachers, bus drivers, and professors who want better healthcare for our students. We are immigrant workers with little or no access to healthcare. We are workers, labor activists, union staffers, and community organizers who care deeply about our broken healthcare system. We are trade unionists fighting for healthcare justice for our sisters and brothers – those on and off the job.

National Organizations

American Sustainable Business Council

The American Sustainable Business Council is a network of businesses and business associations that have committed themselves to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit.  ASBC members believe that sustainable business is good business, and a sustainable economy is a prosperous and resilient one.

To learn about their efforts to transform healthcare, visit:


FIX IT Healthcare at The Tipping Point...

This powerful new documentary takes an in-depth look into how our dysfunctional health care system is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians and negatively impacting on the nation's health, while remaining un-affordable for a third of our citizens.

Watch the movie here.


Physicians for a National Health Program

Physicians for a National Health Program is a non-profit research and education organization of 20,000 physicians, medical students and health professionals who support single-payer national health insurance.



Healthcare-Now!’s mission is to win a national singe payer healthcare system, because access to healthcare is basic to humandignity

Other Sources of Information

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Commonwealth Fund



California Health Care Foundation


UCLA Center for Health Policy Research


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