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Town hall in Sonora

Town hall in Sonora

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Bill status

SB 562 Update: Because Speaker Anthony Rendon did not move SB 562 forward in advance of the end of legislative session on 9/15, the SB 562 now becomes a 2 year bill and could move forward in 2018. A couple important things to keep in mind:

  1. Speaker Rendon said the bill was on hold “indefinitely” in his original statement on stalling the bill. This means there are no guarantees that he will move SB 562 forward in 2018 and our work to continue to push the Speaker and all Assemblymembers Continues to be critical. 
  2. The Assembly Select Committee on “universal coverage” is not able to amend or vote on SB 562. Details on the Select Committee hearings have not been made public yet, as soon as they are we will share them. For folks wondering who is on the Select Committee, here is the link. The statement we released after Rendon Announced the Select Committee is attached here again. 

Upcoming events

Mark YourCalendar: 

In just the last couple days we’ve had die ins, descended on Hamilton ticket holders, tabled and canvassed. Not to mention the 11 Town Hallslast week (thanks to all who made them a success!). And we’re just getting started…